Sunday, May 16, 2010

More on Shine

According to Karyn Bryant, Shine fighters were told they will receive 25% of pay -- a nice gesture if it is true and, of course, depending on what the pay looked like in the first place.  Kevin Iole reports here that Shine CEO Devin Price told him the following last night:

“'I’m not concerned about the money, quite honestly,' Price said. “I feel very badly for the fighters. They were ready to go and we wanted to put the show on (without Mayorga), even after the judge gave Don King injunctive relief. We felt we had a fantastic card that fans would appreciate. The commission, at the last minute and for reasons I’m not sure of, decided to cancel the event."

“'We are in the process of working out how the fighters will be paid, how much that will be. But we’re a fighter’s organization and we’re going to take care of them.'”

In his interview with Kevin Iole, Price said he was in Florida for the hearing and did not know the NC Commission's reason for pulling the card.  Karyn Bryant believes the NC Commission pulled the plug on the entire card because it wasn't confident about Shine's finances.  We should know more about this tomorrow.
I am out of pocket for the next few hours, but the interesting question--and one I will probably have to wait until tomorrow to attempt to answer--is did the NC Commission's decision have anything to do with the Mayorga debacle.  If it didn't, i.e. it was totally independent, that would be very good for DK and, more importantly, his $1M bond in the event he is ultimately wrong on the promotion contract -- I still think he is -- because he could argue that his injunction didn't cause any damages to Shine or Mayorga because the fight would have been canceled without it. 

Just throwing that out there.  We will need to know more from the NC Commission to iron that out. 

On a different note, the Strikeforce card did not disappoint and while I have not had a chance to watch the HBO fights yet, I read that Khan was very impressive.

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