Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Wasn't Mayweather Fighting for the WBA Title

A reader asked me today why Mayweather wasn't fighting for Mosley's WBA belt on Saturday.  Appears the answer can be summed up in one fitting (for Mayweather that is) word, money. 

From Mayweather's long-time manager, Leonard Ellerbe, as set forth in this USA Today article: 

"Floyd's already the best fighter in the world," [w]hat is he going to prove by winning the WBA title? He's going to give up 3% of his purse (to the WBA) to prove that?"

"When it comes down to it, spending several hundred thousand dollars to call yourself the champion when you're already the best fighter in the world is not a smart business move."

"Floyd keeps all of his money, and the other guy gives 27% of his money to his promoter," "[w]hat Floyd has done — and I think other fighters will appreciate it down the road — he's been the first fighter to establish a business model that puts him in a position to control all of his revenue."

Mayweather is also quoted in the article:  "All these fighters get the belts that I gave up. When you are bigger than the sport, belts don't mean anything. He [Mosley] needs a belt … A belt means something to him."