Monday, September 13, 2010

Not Everything In The Legal System Has Gone Wrong For Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Lately

As Kevin Iole describes over at Yahoo! Sports in his article, Mayweather living on the edge, with Mayweather's recent Pacquiao tirade and his recent reported arrest on charges of grand larceny as part of a domestic violence case, things have been going downhill outside of the ring for the boxing phenom recently. 

As Kevin Iole notes, however, the contrast between the boxer's apparent control in the ring with his lack of control out of the ring is nothing new:
Mayweather is the epitome of calm and grace in the ring, a wise and patient boxer who rarely makes the wrong move and is always completely in control.
It’s outside of the ring where he seems to lose control. He’s no stranger to the court system in Nevada and he’s no stranger to domestic violence charges. Both of the women who have borne him children, Melissa Brim and Josie Harris, have accused him of assaulting them.

He was acquitted of felony domestic battery against Harris in 2005 when she recanted her prior allegations and called Mayweather 'a teddy bear.' He had two misdemeanor battery convictions involving Brim.
Well despite these latest issues, his defamation lawsuit with Pacquiao, and his other legal issues that I posted about in "Mayweather and WWE Stuck In South Carolina Court In Copyright Dispute Over Song “Yep” and "Mayweather Promotions Allegedly "Evicted" From its Rented Office Space and Facing Lawsuit For Unpaid Rent," it appears that at least one judgment went "Money's" way -- well sort of.

On August 4, 2010, Judge P. Kevin Castel of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York entered a final default judgment (available via Pacer) in favor of Just For You Entertainment and against Jeffrey Whitters p/k/a "Freck Billionaire," "Philthy Rich Records," and Mayweather Jr. jointly and severally n the amount of $6,673.04.  

According to the New York Post (I have not seen the complaint), the Crux of Just For You Entertainment's complaint was that Mayweather had allegedly poached the Long Island management firm's rapper for his "Philthy Rich Records" label and Just For You was seeking $750,000 in damages. 

According to the New York Post article, at the inquest on damages:
The judge approved just a handful of [Just For You] expenses, including $3,490 to produce demo tapes and $322 to rent a boat in Miami for a video shoot.  Castel also signed off on a $480 bill at the swanky Le Parker Meridien hotel in Palm Springs, Calif., and a $111 tab at a Red Lobster restaurant during a trip to meet with record execs in Los Angeles.
Given that Mayweather had a judgment entered against him you may be asking why I say this case went Money's way.  I say this because had Mayweather appeared in the action and answered the complaint, his legal fees defending the action alone would have certainly exceeded the amount of the judgment.

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