Monday, October 4, 2010

Zuffa's Support of Cuomo -- Does It Really Mean Anything?

Following up on my post, New York Governor Race and the Legalization of MMA, today in a New York Post article, "Cagey Cuomo $upporters," the Post reveals that "Las Vegas firm Zuffa Entertainmen [sic] has pumped $74,600 into Cuomo's campaign coffers -- and hopes the Democrat will use his political muscle to bend the Legislature into approving the controversial cage fights in New York."  Zach Arnold over at reported that Zuffa had contributed to Cuomo's campaign last week.

The Post article reports that a Cuomo spokesperson has indicated that Cuomo has not yet taken a position on the legalization of MMA and that Paladino said he has reservations about "cage fights." 

When I reached out to Paladino's office a few weeks back, I was told that he had not yet taken a position on the issue.  So this is news to me, but it doesn't really sound like either candidate has taken an actual position on the issue, i.e. pro or con. 

For what it is worth, I did a search over at the New York State Board of Elections Campaign Financial Disclosure Contribution Search Page and my search revealed that Zuffa had only given Cuomo $37,800 -- with the last contribution of $36,800 coming in July, i.e. before Paladino had pulled the upset over Rick Lazio, and so it is unclear if Zuffa even took Paladino into account when it made that contribution.  

That said, "[c]ampaigns file disclosure statements semiannually on Jan. 15 and July 15, and in special reports before and after elections," so it is entirely possible that Cuomo's camp (or Zuffa for that matter) disclosed an additional contribution since the last filing date in July.

Bottom line, Zuffa probably contributes to the candidate who it deems most likely to win based on the polls (and that is Cuomo now and back in July) and neither candidate has taken a position on the issue at this point and so I am not reading too much into the contributions.

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