Saturday, March 26, 2011

I will be on Hot 97 Tomorrow Talking MMA in New York Opposite Assemblyman Bob Reilly

I will be on Hot 97 Street Soldiers with FOX 5 New York's Lisa Evers tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. ET for a roundtable discussion about Mixed Martial Arts in New York. 

Also on the panel:  Assemblyman Bob Reilly (the voice of the opposition to MMA in New York), Renzo Gracie (world-renown practitioner of Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA and gym owner in New York), Ryan LaFlare (professional mixed martial artist and New Yorker), an underground fighter in New York, and Bloodstain Lane (hardcore mixed martial arts fan from New York).

The show airs on the radio (Hot 97) from 9-10 a.m on Sunday and is available at that time via stream on the Internet as well.  In case you miss it, I will post a link to the podcast.

I do hope you tune in for what should be an educational discussion. 

Enjoy the fights tonight.

Fight Lawyer