Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mikey Burnett Ordered to Pay Zuffa et al.'s Attorney's Fees ($52,996.00)

Following up on my posts, Zuffa Seeks $52,996.00 In Attorney's Fees From Mikey Burnett and Mikey Burnett Responds to Zuffa's Request for Attorney's Fees, and as predicted, Judge Gloria M. Navarro of the United States District Court for the District of Nevada has granted Tufguy Productions, Inc.; Ultimate Fighting Productions, LLC; and Zuffa, Inc.'s motion for attorney's fees. 

For the background of the case, see my post on the Judge's decision on summary judgment and other earlier posts.

The Judge's decision on attorney's fees is not surprising -- as I noted in my earlier post addressing Mikey Burnett's response to Zuffa et al.'s motion:
Given the weakness of the opposition, i.e. the fact that the fees were not challenged as unreasonable and/or unnecessary and the fact that plaintiff did not even address the merits of the contractual arguments, I think the motion for attorney's fees will be granted.
And Judge Navarro held as follows in her decision:
Because Plaintiff has failed to address the substance of Defendants’ Motion and because the Court finds that the contracts provide for attorney’s fees, reasonable fees can be awarded to Defendants.
For more on the substance of the contracts, see my earlier post addressing defendants' motion.

The Court next analyzed whether the purported fees were reasonable and found that they were.

Accordingly, the Court awarded defendants $52,996.00 in attorney’s fees.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

FOX Deal May be Just what New York Needs in the Mixed Martial Arts Legalization Fight

I am certainly not alone in my view that the reported seven (7) year Fox/UFC deal is monumental for the sport of mixed martial arts on a number of levels. As Kevin Iole points out over at Yahoo!, Dana White is a winner because he has fulfilled a dream of taking the UFC to network television, Fox is a winner because it is tapping into a sport that appeals to the highly coveted 18-34 demographic, but “[n]o one, though, will benefit more than those who have turned the sport into what it is: its fighters.”

Perhaps this is implicit, but let’s not forget about the fans of the sport that will now be exposed to a better, more refined production that will be available, as I understand, almost every day of the week. Add to this the increased exposure the sport will receive with people who are otherwise not familiar with its intricacies, and I think the fan base should grow exponentially in the coming years.

For me (and many New Yorkers) I believe there is also significance to this deal that should not be overlooked – indeed, it should be capitalized on. As you may recall, on November 17, 2010, I wrote an article for MMA Payout, A History Lesson (or History’s Lesson) on Mixed Martial Arts in New York, where I traced the history of the sport and the circumstances that ultimately led to the ban on the sport in New York in 1997. In this article, I pointed out that the key to reversing the ban, in my view, was to increase exposure through, inter alia, the mainstream media to convince the public that this sport is not what it once was.

Regrettably, New York politics is a tricky beast, i.e., even though the votes are there to pass the bill that would legalize mixed martial arts, the political process (if we can call it that) has derailed the bill year-after-year. This is not dissimilar to the political situation in the late 90s where the votes were there to make the sport illegal but the then Senate leader was preventing a vote on that bill. Ultimately, the New York Times jumped on the legality of what it deemed barbaric and this and the resulting public reaction led to a complete 180—mixed martial arts went from legal to illegal virtually overnight.

Now (as then) I think the commitment by Fox, a major network based out of New York, to the UFC and mixed martial arts can help shine the light on, and expose, the superficial, strawman arguments of the opposition, e.g., Assemblyman Bob Reilly. Once the public understands the sport—and New Yorkers understand that the state is losing money to neighboring states because it fails to sanction a sport that is not only legal in 45 states but is on network television, the pressure to put the bill to a vote should overwhelm any purported countervailing forces at play.

While I realize Zuffa tentatively plans on doing the first Fox event in Anaheim in November, New Jersey would be a solid option to show both Governor Cuomo (and New Yorkers) that mixed martial arts is here to stay both in our backyard and on network television.

This could be monumental for New York as the budget process gets underway.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Support the New York Mixed Martial Arts Initiative with your T-Shirt Purchase

The New York Mixed Martial Arts Initiative's friends over at Flatline Fighting have created a sponsorship T-shirt for the organization--a portion of the proceeds are donated to the non-profit and help to keep the program running.

Here is the shirt:

You can place your orders here.

Thanks for your support.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

UFC on Versus 5 Predictions

Here are my predictions for tonight's fights via Tapology -- should be a solid card:

My UFC on Versus 5 Predictions

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pacquiao Seeks Default Judgment and Sanctions Against Mayweather for Misconduct

Check out this recent filing by Pacquiao in his defamation action against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 

According to the document, Mayweather has allegedly continued to make defamatory statements about Manny, including the following:
• During an interview in January 2011, Mayweather stated: “When Manny gave blood before the first Morales fight, he lost. He didn’t give blood for the next two fights and he knocked Morales out with ease. A lot of times, people don’t realize, giving blood doesn’t make you weak. Not being able to juice because you have to give blood makes you weak.” (Marroso Decl., Ex. 1.)
• In May 2011, Mayweather bragged to reporters about a boxer under his tutelage: “Unlike Pacquiao, my fighters are all natural.” (Marroso Decl., Ex. 5.)

• During another interview in May 2011 Mayweather said, “so you going to say that [Pacquiao’s] able to go from 105 [lbs] to 154 [lbs], and ya’ll say you know what, ‘it’s all natural.’ That’s all I’m asking.” (Marroso
Decl., Ex. 4.)
Perhaps the more interesting part of the filing is the allegation that while Mayweather has claimed he could not be available for a deposition because of his training regimen for his upcoming fight with Ortiz, there are pictures that purport to show Mayweather partying.  Check the link for the pictures.
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My UFC 133 Fight Predictions

Sorry I have been absent lately -- moving apartments in the city which is not too much fun.  Finally getting settled so should be up at full speed next week.

In any event, not too excited for this card, but here are my picks via Tapology.  In the interest of full disclosure I have been out of the loop so not too sure if there were any weird last minute injuries etc. at play.

My Strikeforce Predictions

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